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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Collage and Poetry's Relevance

There has been much written and lamented regarding the Relevance of poetry vis a vis other types of art. Here in Chicago this has been addressed somewhat by the Slam phenomenon but I do not know if this is the answer. I myself have found that collage and fusion could create something new. A collage of images, words, ideas and even textures could be transformative for poetry.

Pound did this in some way with the Cantos fusing languages, images and sounds into a new form. I think however that too many writers today are masters of gimmicks.

I went to a reading by Peter Gizzi last month-- at the wonderful Danny's reading series. He is the kind of poet who I can relate to so generous and his work is well crafted while being avant garde. I think that this is the problem with many 'relevant' poetics and poets that craft has been ignored.

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