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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Why I Chose

Of late in the recent blog post there were some questions raised on why I chose to use the term Postmodern in the title of the website I created as a resource and calendar for Chicago and Midwest innovative writing; So here is the rationale;1) Chicago is Slam Town, we are subjected to a torrent of Slam propaganda and slam dominates much of the meagre media coverage poetry gets here in Chicago. All the poets and series here is Chicago that are not part of this Slamnation come at poetry out of a tradition that is Post Language, Post-Post Modern and we did not have a place to get information.

2) I have yet to see a definition of what period we are in now in Poetry? Post-Post Language? Someone give me a good catchall phrase that can hold, Robert Creeley, Catherine Daly, Paul Hoover, Charles Bernstein and Rachel Blau DuPlessis and I will use it.

3) The URL was free- all other urls that have Chicago and Poetry in the name are owned by Slamsters so
here we are.

My goal with the site is to create an information site for serious poetics for our region. In New York there are many sites, as their are in SF but in Chicago all we had were slam sites- so we changed that.