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Monday, December 20, 2004


Regarding Christmas- which is not my favorite holiday- I think that one of the things that is lost in all the packages and commercialism is the revolutionary nature of the Gospels. Americans do not like revolution or change- the Gospel however calls for this revolutionary change. Americans are enamoured of comfort- as our Europeans. The comfort however of our nations means the death of many our luxury means others poverty.

Cheap Wal Mart clothes mean death to cultures and people in nations where people have no choice but to work. Recreational drug use means the death of poor people in developing nations to satiate our selfishness because of the mafia that it creates. I have for Liberals and Conservatives in the country an equal amount of distain.

The truth of the Gospels is that the last shall be first. How anyone who ' believes' in the Sermon on the Mount could not believe in justice is beyond me. As Gandhi said I love your Jesus but not your Christians.