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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My day with Catherine Daly

Sometimes things just fit- Caffe and Italia, Picanha and Brazil, Lago Titikaka and Cold Wind and sometimes they do not.

Catherine Daly is in town this week and yesterday we got to hang out- what a pleasure. Many poet's become boring when you move off the page Catherine is not one of these people. Of course she lives in glamorous Los Angeles, I live in meaty Chicago.

We of course ate at one of our snobby Chicago haute places, AL's #1Beef. The menu is Chicago, Italian Beef, wet and slow roasted with nice hot peppers, or a combo which is Italian Beef and a Sausage (Say it people SAAHSAGE) .

Catherine lives in LA but she is one of us- she grew up in Decatur but her family is Chicago Polish which is as meaty Chicago as you can get.

We spent time in Chicago's new 1000 Park- watching people. The best thing about Chicago is that everyone is so unpretentious and frankly Fat. As a 350 pounder myself it is kind of like being another hippo in the pond or another elephant on the Serengeti.

After loading up on Beef (Dont Tell the POPE since it was Friday) and speaking about our favorite super hero, Padre Pio

Chicago's favorite side dishes, Slice of Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Hot Peppers

we ventured to meet that other superhero

Garin Cycholl.

Who is a quiet comic and since garin consented to go to the fights with me in Cicero he gets a pass and can do pretty much what he wants. garin did Manuscript therapy for me so I owe him.

Cat was reading Friday night but I was too tired to go back out---