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Friday, December 19, 2003

A Chicago Poetic

During a recent outing with a poet I really admire, Mark Tardi, We talked a little about a Chicago Poetic, and also why we in Chicago have persisted as a Chicago community to fight over crumbs-- while other cities (New York, SF, Philly and even Milwaukee) have excelled. Of late our poetry scene has been invaded (in a good way) by poets from other parts of country. At a recent Peter Gizzi reading at Danny's the lack of a Midwestern feel was evident-- and some of the east coast flavor was obviously seeping in. I think this may be ok, I really think however that we in Chicago need to become part of the avant garde and force our local institutions like the Poetry Center, our Universities and others to move to the forefront of poetry instead of the pap that we are supporting now (like Billy Corgan reading at the poetry center for example).

A Chicago poetic would incorporate the mentality of a continental city, a city that can absorb from both coasts and create a new American poetics. While those on the coasts are influenced as port cultures by external, global poetries we in Chicago need to synthesise what is good in both places and begin to create a new poetry a poetry that speaks from our communities. Since I have returned to Chicago I have been revitalized by the lack of pretention here. on the East Coast pretention was everywhere, here our local poetry group is meeting in a Bowling Alley on the South West side and it is the right place for our poetry to grow. Enough of fighting over crumbs let us make for ourselves something truly new