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Friday, January 30, 2004


Since today is Cold in Chicago- negative 20 degrees centigrate-- I was thinking about things that are just excellent and tops on my list are great bookstores. Is there anything better than two or three hours searching a bookstore?

In my opinion these are the best bookstores in the US;

Seminary Book Coop in Chicago
This Academic haven is great for finding the obscure and the rarely seen lots of small press and Mr Cella the general manager is just great he makes the trip worthwhile.

Booked Up In Archer City Texas,

Among the many things I miss from Dallas, friends like Brian Clements and Joe Ahearn, and good brisket is
Booked Up, if you secretly loved 84 Charing Cross Road the movie and yearn for rare editions and cool stuff this it it. Millions of great books in one place with no hassles. This is worth the trip. The best poetry section I have ever scene

Prairie Lights in Iowa City;
I am a Hawkeye and so Prairie Lights needs to be mentioned this is my 'home' bookstore it has a great selection and a great staff and is only blocks away from Iowa City's other great institution the Hamburg Inn.

Powells In Portland;

What a great place, the City of Books, I was in Portland on business once and spent 5 hours when I should have been working in this palace.

Gotham City Bookmart/Strand Bookstore

It is a shame that New York is no longer the bookstore city it once was-- rents are too high but these two stores, one in the Diamond District (Gotham) and one off Union Square (Strand) do satiate, I hear that Gotham may move? Gotham has the best new poetry section of any store anywhere, and the Strand is

Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee Wisconsin,
this is the best small press bookstore in the world, period they have more small presses than I have ever seen and you are close to lots of beer and german food, plus their events calendar is worth the trip.

In the end the only things better than a great bookstore are Italy, the whole country, Brazilian Beaches with Traudi, a Chicago Style Hot Dog, Comiskey Park when the Sox are winning ,and dinner at my mom's house.