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Saturday, December 20, 2003


I know it is not politically correct but I am celebrating Christmas and not the other holidays. I know that it is not always acceptable to poetry people but I remain for whatever it is worth a Catholic. I do not agree with the Church on allot of issues, gay rights, women priests, and the patriarchal aspect of the Church but being Catholic is part of the fibre of my being and I could never leave the Church. I remain in Dorothy Day's words angry but obedient.

While I feel most at home with the kind of Dorothy Day/Thomas Merton type of Catholicism I feel much more at home with even conservative Catholics then I do do with Evengelicals or conservative Protestants. the bottom line is that do not believe in personal salvation I believe only in the Kingdom of God, and that is a community endevour. I cannot abandon
St Francis, Mozart, Chartre Cathedral, and yes the Borgia Popes, and the Inquistition for
a feel good milquetoast religion full of Jimmy Swaggarts and gold furniture.

I think that it is the strangeness that keeps me around, the Pope for example is Anti Abortion, Anti War, Anti Death Penalty and this kind of strange mix of views is calming for me. And any church that can have Mel Gibson and Michael Moore and Martin Sheen as members is home for me. So Merry Christmas-- Go Dwells With us that is what Immanuel means-- God with us-- I will have a drink to that.