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Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Fraternity of Poets

Last week I was in Guatemala on business- before I left New York and returned to Chicago to live I used to travel allot and I was able to go some great poetic hot spots quite regularly, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong and many other locales were frequented. But since I opened my own business I dont travel much. But I spent the week in Guatemala and I had an experience of note.

After visiting every company in Guatemala for business I went to a local bookstore to look for some local writing. A lovely woman helped me and we began to talk, she helped me find some fine books and then as a special gift she gave me a copy for he own hand made book, I believe her name is Adeliada Loukas she is a poet from Guatemala. I have become entranced with this work and with this encounter. The fraternity of poets has a similar flavor with a sense we Catholics call the Mystical Body. All poets are linked by memory, language and the liturgy of poetics. This linkage is a sacred thing while in our north America poets are not important in other places they are and it is our questioning that makes this fraternity grow.