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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New Years Resolutions

Well- my first attempt at this post was lost- so here we go again.

Usually New Years Resolutions are not fulfilled- my 2004 however was pretty good. Got my book published- stayed employeed- did not lose that 100 pounds I need to lose so we go on to 2005.

I rant allot on the blog prob not a good thing- so here are some things;

I am thankful for Chicago's cold weather and the fact that we have another three months of it- it allows the mind to focus on writing and away from warmth and hanging out. I am also thankful for the fact that in 2005 new things may happen and we can hope for better things. I am also thank ful to be going on vacation to Brazil for two weeks of it---

I am sorry for insulting Ella Kotowska in an email while I think Ella and her punditry is silly I hurt her feelings and for that I am sorry - I am also sorry for not being more generous with my time I need to do more in Chicago and put my money where my mouth is!

and I hope for 2005 that we can do something about the road we are careening down
we are moving toward a cliff and I think we need to pull back and rething what is happening Iraq is not another Vietnam, Iraq is the USA what Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union- I for one do not like the company that it keeps.

Oh I also hope that the Iowa Hawkeyes crush the LSU tigers on New Years Day

Happy New Year