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Friday, May 27, 2005



I have been reading allot of things recently that have caused me to pause and reflect on listening and noise. I am reading a new biography of St Augustine and the paradox of this man's life and what he was allowed to do and still be viewed as a 'holy' person is beyond words.

I want to think about Adeodatus, Augustine's bastard son. Adeodatus's mother was used by Augustine and then disposed of- the fact that one of the Latin Father's was able to live this type of life. St Augustine- the inventor of Original Sin, the inventor of the City of God was in fact a man who used a woman for sex and fathered a son.

I think often about this child and his mother and wonder why cruelty and callousness could dwell in the same heart with the man who wrote the Confessions?

Then I sit and think about our current world, a world where the base and the common and the vulgar (in the latin sense) is paid for handsomely.

Art, and the eternal is ignored and laughed at Nascar is important.