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Sunday, April 09, 2006

People I Know......

I am working on a younger Chicago poets set of profiles for

I am so happy that Dan Beachy Quick, Arielle Greenberg, Simone Muench and others have recommended students. I was especially happy that Arielle gave me some names.

I did not get to talk to Arielle at
AWP but she is an important judge of talent.
and her daughter Willa is really an achievement
we saw her on the Airplane from Austin
very much a poet

&Now was a very good conference got to hang out with some luminaries and some new establishing poets.

Robert Archembeau is a such a good soul.. without guile he is impressive to me.

Got to hang out with Catherine Daly ,Garin Cycholl, Bill Allegrezza, Antonucci from Marquette, meIKAL AN, Steve Tomasula, Kass Fleischer, Joe Amato and the rest it was a nice two days.

I wish the Democrats would nominate an Asskicker. We need a leader like Lyndon Johnson who can kick the Republicans and make them like it.... maybe Joe Biden?

Met Maria Damon in person at &Now she is really something.... kind of the way I think Simone Weil must have been.