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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Delicious Conversation without Wine

World Cup This week

I used to root for Italia- but since I am now Brazilian by marriage it is BRASIL ALL THE TIME

Jen Hofer is in town. I was able to spend last friday with Jen and her lit partner Patrick Durgin. the evening was interesting and without the requisate "hipster scene" conversation. What I love about Jen is that she is no holds bared, she believes in what she is doing and does not care about what others think- this is a rare virtue in Poetryland.

The same could not be said for a reading put together by the Poetry Foundation and ACM on Monday night. I went mostly to support friends Chris Glomski and Simone Muench. This event was your normal average poetry 'scene'. You had the readers, pious and true, a room full of 20 something poetic strivers and some jokes. the room was full of hipsters. Robyn Schiff read the most disturbing poem about Ralph Lauren it froze my blood.

I left at 9 PM

Why is it that every poetry event has to start late? They said 7 PM for this event and it started at 815 some of us work and are not sleeping until noon.

We are very close to launching our first Cracked Slab Book, Edging by Michelle Noteboom. It is exciting to start a new press but also a little scary since someone is putting their literary life in your hands.

Lots of talk on the listservs about "age and contests" most contests exist to agrandise the editors not the poets.

Sox doing well... but still in second place.

Bill's getting married. getting married seems so far away...