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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anna Akhmatova -Garosio

I am reading a new biography of Anna Akhmatova-

What comes across from her life and many others is how serious and what consequences her work had on her life and situation. When I compare a poet like this to some of our current discussions our vapidness and shallow self regard becomes evident.

Spending allot of time with my Nonna who is 92 and on her way out she is the last of her generation 5 siblings that all lived past 90. We were talking yesterday about the great Italian artist Ottorino Garosio who was a friend and sometimes border with my family in their hotel. Garosio was an interesting man. He painted in the expressionistic style of the mid 20th Century and he chronicled the end of a world that no longer exists. the mountain cultures of the pre Alps are thousands of years old and his paintings are the few reminders of this culture. Garosio was interesting as well that he survived World War II alive because the Germans thoughts he was nuts. I put some images on the top of the blog.