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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Loss, Friends, Weddings and Pork Chops

September is strange month. I was married in September on the 20th- I was in Italia on September 11th, yes the September 11th, I met Waltraud in September and the White Sox clinched the Pennant in September and my book was picked up by an editor in September it is a mixed month.

Friday night we went to Bill Allegrezza's wedding, our table was poetic tour de force, Chris Glomski, Jennifer Rupert, Garin Cycholl, Shadla, Kristy Odelius, Kerri Sonnenberg and Jeff Weeter. It was allot of fun watching Bill become a married man.

there were other writers there- but they are fiction writers and you cannot trust fiction writers...fiction writers are to poets like painters are to illustrators one is an artist the other is craftsperson. But there are some fiction writers who write Poetic Prose, but there are no poets who write Prosaic Poetry poetry is what has made Dante, Shakespeare, the Bible and Whitman iconic.

Thinking about September 11th I cannot get the image of the Princeton Jct train station out of my mind, the photocopied signs, "Lost my Husband" "Have you seen my Wife?" violence is blinding the world and there are no answers that suffice...