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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Listen to me I am Important

Listen to me I am Important.

Amid the din and noise we are called upon to listen to the musings of the poetic class and we wonder what we are to learn

Over the past few weeks I have had the honor of seeing new and old poetic friends. In a world filled with syncophants and screamers and Fox News I have had conversations of excellence- the kind of conversations that cannot be made up, or faked like Potemkin Villages on the plains of the Ukraine.

Real poets-

Poets whose ideas really merit reading are so rare and so underead. Over the past weeks I have had the honor of conversations with Jen Hofer, Jen Scappetone, Mark Tardi, Bill Allegrezza, John Beer, Garin Cycholl and many others and the conversations have renewed my energy in a summer of doubt. To go from the sheer breadth of Jen Hofer to the precision of Jen Scappetone to the sharpness of Mark Tardi to the generousity of Bill Allegrezza to the humor of John Beer to the interesting insights of Garin Cycholl is a treat and please count me among the most fortunate of poets to know all of them.

Listen to me I am Important- only if you can keep up your end of the poetic conversation and check your self importance a the door like these poets...then I will listen to you.