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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The State of the Union was last night. I am so tired of listening to the presidents faux southern voice. How do we continue to deepen ourselves in this morass?

It seems to me that we need to be honest, terrorism is a threat but Terrorism flourishes where there is despiration. There are no terrorists in Canada or Sweden and there are lots of terrorists in Pakistan and Sudan because in those places poverty and injustice rule.

I wonder however what is to be done?

Most of the Liberal/Socialist critique of Bush is vapid and stupid. We are in a clash of civilizations. On one side we have the ideals of the Enlightenment-the ideals of Locke, Smith, Jefferson, Whitman and Emerson versus a mirror image of evil. On one side Radical Islamists and their mirror Radical Christianist terrorists who believe in a world of Magic. They do not believe in science or facts, just magic. That is why the tragedy of war continues because those who believe in the Enlightenment refuse to reject the "ists".

In the end we don't listen. We kvetch about Hugo Chavez or the President of Iran without realizing that we are fertilizing the ground for these cranks with our ignorance and banality. We need to listen and live up to our national creed. America has a great role to play I just wish I still knew where America was?